6 Cute Ways to Wear a Scrunchie

6 Cute Ways to Wear a Scrunchie
So you love the idea of trying out a scrunchie? Not really sure how to wear them?  
Lucky for you- I grew up wearing them in the 90's, so I'm kind of an expert.  Haha.  
I scoured Pinterest for some scrunchie wearing inspiration.  

Style 1:  Cute dutch braids with a scrunchie pony.  

Girl with braids and scrunchie

Style 2: Half-Up with a scrunchie.  Make sure to leave out a couple cute pieces in the front.  

Hair Half-up with scrunchie

Style 3: Wear a low, curly ponytail with a scrunchie.  This is perfect for second-day hair (or 4th day...but who's counting)

Girl with curly ponytail wearing a scrunchie

Style 4: Wear a cute braid over your shoulder, and put a cute rabbit ear scrunchie around the bottom.  

braid with yellow scrunchie

Style 5: A messy bun with a scrunchie wrapped around it.  If you know me- you know I LOVE my messy buns.  Leave a few pieces out around the face for extra cute softness.  

bun with scrunchie

Style 6: Wear a flirty, high ponytail.  Leave out a few pieces in the front and curl them with a large barrel curling iron or wand. 

pony tail with scrunchie


Are you inspired to try something new?  Let me know if you do.  Send me your pics and you might get featured on the site or on my social media pages.  
Stay gorgeous,
(All images taken from Pinterest)

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Beauty is in My Blood

Beauty is in My Blood


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